• About TI Corridors

    TI Corridors (Trade and Investment Corridors) is a special initiative of the eti Dynamics group, which is a unique economic development and investments firm focused on high growth markets.

    This portal fills a major gap in economic intelligence and information relating to international trade and investment flows. With increasing globalisation, the world is flooded with macro-economic analysis. However there is a major dearth of information regarding economic activities that are going on within any two nations. This information arbitrage is also the reason why some nations do better than the others when it comes to exploiting cross border trade particularly in emerging and high growth markets.

    In TI Corridors particular focus has been given to creating linkages between High Income Countries and High Growth Countries. Additionally the portal will also develop a number of South-South* corridors .

    The portal will progressively launch new corridors that will provide in-depth analysis of trade and investment flows in both directions. Each corridor will analyse the following areas in great detail:

    1. Trade Services and Goods
    2. Investments Foreign Direct and Foreign Institutional Investment
    3. Markets Capital Markets, Bonds and Money Markets
    4. Corporate Finance transactions
    5. Economies of the two nations
    6. Companies
    7. Personal Money
    8. Management Insights

    The extensive research showcased through TI Corridors is being done by the research team of eti Dynamics. For more information on what eti Dynamics can do for your organisation please log on to www.etidynamics.com.

    If you would like us to research any particular topic, introduce a new corridor or highlight an interesting fact then please write to us on tic.info@etidynamics.com

    * South-South is specifically used to demonstrate linkages between any two developing countries.
       For instance India Brazil linkages will be categorised as South-South and UK-India linkage will be termed North-South.


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