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Thursday, 09 December, 2010
Digital Media will redefine India-UK trade linkages by 2015
In the coming years collaboration between India and UK based entrepreneurs is set to grow around the digital platforms. An array of subject matter industry experts confirmed and predicted during the New World Media Investment Forum

In the coming years collaboration between India and UK based entrepreneurs is set to grow around the digital platforms. An array of subject matter industry experts confirmed and predicted during the New World Media Investment Forum that was jointly organised by ETI Dynamics and exchange4media Group in London on December 3rd. The conference attracted over a 100 companies from both India and the UK.


Listed below are some of the key excerpts from a select set of speakers:


On Collaboration Models:


  • Sanmit Ahuja, CEO ETI Dynamics, emphasised the fast growing Indian market and elaborated why business models that adopt well in UK don’t get commensurate response in India . He discussed the distinctive nature of the UK and the Indian Economy and focused on long term plans of the forum to bridge the information gap and enhance media investments in India in the future.
  • Anurag Batra, Chairman – exchange4media , elaborated the high growth opportunities and discussed the role of the conference as being a catalyst for media communication investments in India. He described everyone in interested in media as ‘screenagers’.
  • Mickey Kalifa – Corporate Development Director, Sportech PLC, highlighted the gigantic opportunity in online and predication gaming and is currently engaged in a JV with the Essel Group in India providing them the expertise and using their distribution and marketing platform.
  • Bhaskar Majumdar, Chairman – Heath Ventures, mentioned about the media sector correction in the Indian stock market and believed in the high growth opportunities in the startup technology models. He also discussed the different valuation models in UK and India. He mentioned that it was more about bottom-line multiples in the UK unlike in India where its more about predictive future company value.
  • Nikhil Bahel, Global Head of Media, Religare Capital Markets, focused on access to content and distribution platforms and recommended to start by partnering with an high brand Indian company.


On Filmed Entertainment


  • Gurinder Chadha, renowned Director and film-maker, passionately spoke of her models of creating films which appeal to both the Indian as well as a global audience. There aren’t enough film-makers of Indian origin in the west that are addressing a global need.

    She encouraged more and more ethnic film-makers to come to the fore and experiment with new ideas but keeping the global sensitivity in mind.

    She also suggested that the traditional distribution models will come under intense pressure and competition.
  • Shailendra Singh, JMD Percept India, was terrific in terms of classifying the factors to consider while producing or investing in a film project, which are the 3Cs , ie. Costs, Content and Consumer. He said India was plagued with talent and the need to focus on consumerism. In addition, he spoke about the emergence of youth and corporate participation In the Indian Media Industry.
  • Patrick von Sychowski, Head of Strategy , Reliance MediaWorks, drove focus to the niche regional markets in India across different media sectors.
  • Girish Malik, another noted film-maker, suggested that the industry will see a dramatic rise in the smaller budget films as the big-budget model has failed spectacularly.


On Print Media


  • James Tye, CEO Dennis Publishing, was extremely brand focused and was very positive about regional entries to capture the fragmented market. He also predicted the FDI to increase to 49% in the coming times instead of the current 26 %.


On Cable and Broadcast


  • R.C Venkateish , CEO of Dist TV, one of the largest DTH companies in India, described the evolution of the Indian Cable industry and predicted future growth of HD and 3D television in the times to time. He also spoke about the importance of content and discussed the capital intensive nature of the cable industry.


On Digital Media and Advertising


  • Saurav Chopra of Bytemobile and Roopak Saluja of Bang Bang Films spoke of integration services, which clubbed social media and offline branding initiatives.


On Private Equity and Venture Finance


  • Mahendra Swarup , President, Indian Venture Capital and PE Association aggressively promoted investments in India and also spoke about current undervaluation of Indian technology start-ups. He also narrated his personal experiences, and advised the investors to focus on companies which had good management teams, addressed an Indian pain point and had opportunities of scalability in the future. He also told investors to buy-out an Indian company rather than working with them in a JV particularly since the absolute value of the companies is still very low.
  • Hussein Kanji, Partner Hoxton Ventures, spoke about the lack of product development talent in India and the high venture capital availability. Having, experience in a number of tech start-ups, he believed India to be a exceptionally high growth platform in the times to come.


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