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02 July, 2010
EXIM Bank of India keen to support overseas acquisitions

The EXIM Bank of India in London, UK is bracing itself to finance the M&A activity in the India-UK corridor. It was already supporting international trade through a range of trade-finance products such as buyer’s credit, supplier’s credit and others. It now wants to be a strong player to support the globalisation efforts of Indian companies.


Speaking to tiCorridors, the resident representative of the European Office, Gaurav Bhandari suggested that the bank has come a long way since it was established in 1982.
From its beginnings as a pure trade finance institution, it now offers many innovative and novel financial products such as acquisition finance. To further support and enhance the credit worthiness of Indian companies overseas it can also provide equity capital of upto USD 10mn.

It takes immense pride in being the first ever institution to finance software exports from India in the year 1986. In order to increase South-South co-operation it also co-founded with UNCTAD a global network of EXIM Banks called GNEXID.


The bank has also been playing a strong developmental role by establishing lines of credit for a number of emerging market nations in particular Africa where it has two offices – Dakar, Senegal and Johannesburg, South Africa.


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